xManager : Spotify sans publicité sur Android

J’avais présenté l’outil BlockTheSpot pour Windows, voici xManager (Github), équivalent pour Android.

Upgrade or Downgrade Anytime & Anywhere
•Manager Tools (Uninstall, Open Settings, Clean Cached Datas & Launch App)
•Able to Hide Navigation Bar
•Neat & Slick Minimalist UI
•Swipe Down to Refresh
•Lightweight Manager
•Theme Selector
•Easy to Use

•No trackers, no spywares, no keyloggers or any other malicious codes added in the source code. What you see in the source code is what’s inside the build apk. You can extract the apk for yourself.
•The source code that can be seen here is what’s inside the exported zip file for Android Studio.
•There are some instance of the source code that are unbuildable, some parts might be missing and such due to limitations.
•Users might experience downtime and maintenance when using the manager app since we are manually changing the hosting links of each individual file from time to time.
•xManager is completely free and we do not get any commissions from it (Rewarded Ads are optional and can be disabled in the settings).
•We will support the app as long as we can. Internal improvements may not be guaranteed.

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